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Booking an appointment is $20 nonrefundable but will go towards the appointment. I can take, card, cash, or Venmo for final payments. 

No call- no show (where one does not call or show up) to an appointment. I will allow one more booking. 

In the event of a cancellation, please contact me to reschedule/ resolve. Continuous no-shows or cancellations will result in no more future bookings.

Payment options are: Cash, Card, Venmo, and Apple Pay.


As a nail tech, I value the service I want to provide you, and I also value my time. Thank you in advance for understanding!


If you are 10 minutes after your appointment start time, a $15 late fee will be added to the session. This policy is to ensure that all my client's appointments are on schedule. Continuous late appointments will result in no more future bookings.



If issues with polish, such as bubbling, wrinkling, lifting, or a reaction... A onetime complimentary service will be given or removal, or refund. I will not be able to service again if issues continue, as the products being used, and I may not be the right fit for you. 

Complimentary nail repair for chipped polish within 5 days of wear. If there is a consistency with chipping, example: after every nail repair service. I have the right to not service moving forward. IF five or more hands are chipped, a $20 fee will be applied for a full hand(s) removal and reapplication of original polish. 



If you are sick, I ask that you wear a mask, or you do not come in. I am a private nail suite who shares with another nail tech. We want to stay healthy for everyone, including you. I would be more than happy to help reschedule so you can recover and enjoy your service. 



I allow one guest to come. As long as they are respectful to others. 



Children are absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, I will not allow children to come as it can be a distraction for us and you. My goal is for you to relax and enjoy your "me time."



I want to value, respect, and enjoy my future clients the best I can. But if I am met with negative or hurtful intentions, then I have the right to not service you moving forward.


Thank you in advance for understanding and cooperating with a small private business! 

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