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There will be a $20 deposit for manis, pedis, combos, and Gel X

Use code FIRSTTIME at check out for $10 off services $40+


Manicures come with a trim and file, soak bowl, cuticle clean up, scrub, massage, and hot towel wrap.

Regular $40

Gel polish $50

*Also can do MANicures for gentlemen*


Both a manicure and pedicure service. Includes all services that are provided in a mani and pedi.

Regular $85

Gel polish $100

Can add "Gel Add On" when booking a regular combo and wanting one of the services with gel (+ $10)

"Dry" Manicure

Electric file based only. Includes trim and file, cuticle clean up, polish of your choice. Cuticle oil application at end of service. No soak, scrub, massage, or towels.

Regular $35

Gel $45


Pedicures come with a trim and file, foot soak, cuticle clean up, scrub, massage, and hot towel wrap.

Regular $45

Gel polish $55

Gel X

Gel X are "soft extensions" that enhance the nails for a more natural look with fewer chemicals. Lasts up to 3-4 weeks. Removals require a soak off at the 3-4 week mark. Service will be electric filed based with cuticle oil application at end of service.

X-Short/ Short $70

Currently out of Medium to X-Long


Options of: “foil” method, acetone bowl, or electric file removal. 

Gel X will be foil or bowl only, no electric file for full removal. $20

Foreign removals are removals that are not our product. $15

My products $5 (excluding Gel X)

Other Services

Nail Art

From basic to intermediate designs to help elevate your style. Please provide pictures of what you would like for more accurate pricing.

Charms & Rhinestones

Currently have small/ medium rhinestones and charms. Please don't be afraid to ask what I have!

Builder/ Rubber Base Gel Manicure

Builder is a slightly harder material when cured. Ideal for clients with flatter nails that would like that curve (apex) for support. Rubber base is for nails that are more "bendy". Is a flexible material that can move well with your natural nails.

$65 for service (including gel color of choice).

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